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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you all will be happy in your life and living a healthy life. In today's time it is becoming very important for us to live a healthy life, because of this we can keep ourselves and our body physically healthy, mentally healthy.

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It is often said that behind a successful person lies the support of another person, but it is very important for a successful person that he can keep himself and his body healthy and healthy till he becomes successful, that's the essence of it all. In this I will say that it is very important for any human being to have proper physical and mental health, and it is also said that the
first happiness is a healthy body, the second happiness is Maya in the house.
Today, through this article, we are going to tell you that how we can keep our health healthy, for this we will tell you what your regular routine should be, hope you can help yourself with this article. will be able to add

( 1)Squat Pose

In today's modern life, we are forgetting some of our old activities, these activities always seem normal to see but there are many beneficial values ​​hidden behind them, squatting is also one of them. With the change of lifestyle, new things have been used in our homes instead of the things we used to use earlier, if you remember, we used to use our toilets in this way in the old times but now western After culture came we left that, would like to say that about three to four times a day, start squatting for 5 minutes, this will strengthen your abs, your metabolism will improve, your digestive system will be strong, your Kidney will function in a healthy way, your knee joint will never get damaged, your blood pressure will always remain normal.

( 2)First Morning Saliva(morning saliva) :

In Ayurveda, our first saliva after waking up in the morning is considered as an important medicine. You must be feeling a bit strange to hear this, but after sleeping all night, when we wake up in the morning, the saliva of that time is very necessary for our body, this saliva is useful for us in many ways, it is antiseptic in any wound. Like, as an immunity booster inside our body, it acts like eye cleaning drop in our eyes.

Some people do it best with brushing, which neither goes into our stomach nor we are able to use it for any external use. You must have seen many animals who are seen moving their tongue on their injury, this is also the reason for which animals are giving antiseptic to their injury. When we drink water in the morning, it strengthens our metabolism and digestive system after it enters our stomach with water. On the other hand, if a person has excessive amount of pimples, pimples, then by applying saliva there, it gets cured.

(3) Never Self Diagnose or google symptoms:

Some people look at Google as a solution to their every disease, to diagnose any kind of problem happening in their body, they go to Google and start looking for its treatment, to tell the truth, they are not there for their treatment but there. tends to increase his problem. It is not necessary that the treatment of any problem is only mental stress or food, but Google gives you this solution for every problem and because of which you keep ignoring your problem without considering it as serious and later this is a small problem for you. becomes a serious problem for

( 4) Walking Barefoot

It is a habit that will make us aware of our true conduct. When we start walking without any protection (shoes, slippers), then we will keep this thing in our mind that something should not hit our feet and due to this thing being in the mind, the sensitivity of our brain increases, so Doctors also say that a little bit of bare feet should be walked during the day because due to walking barefoot, there is pressure on some of our points and those are the points which control many activities of our body.

( 5)Lemon Water(Lemon Water):-

First of all, after waking up in the morning, use lemon with lukewarm water, lemon acts like a detox by removing harmful elements in our body with urine, as well as vitamin C present in lemon provides glow to our skin and our body. Increases immunity, if a person wants to reduce his obesity, then use honey in lemonade, it works to remove excess fat from our body.

(6 )Exercise & Yoga(Exercise & Yoga)

Since ancient times, yoga gurus like Maharishi Patanjali in our country have described the glory of yoga as wonderful. The same exercise should also be an integral part of our daily life, thanks to exercise, we can make our body active, attractive and shapely, and a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

(7) Avoid Junk Food:

In today's young generation, consumption of junk food has become a common thing, every youth of today is suffering from this disease, in this time of puberty we do not understand its disadvantages but its side effects are visible later, today you are seeing. It would be that at an early age, youth have started having various diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, TB, junk food destroys our body internally, so it is very important to use junk food at least.

Friends, although there is no end to these things that are adopted to keep the body healthy, yet through our channel we have told you some important things, which you can use in your daily life and imagine a long and good health. That's all, in today's article of Inside Press India, I hope you enjoy reading this article and you will also start such activities, see you talking about some other issue in the next article.

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