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5 min readApr 14, 2022

IPI Rating 3.0/5

VERDICT- Watch only for Action

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What is the film about

KGF Chapter 2 was released in theaters today friends, and Inside Press India has brought a review article for you, so let’s start and know how this rocking star Yash’s film KGF Chapter 2.
KGF: Chapter Two friends start from there. happens where the first one ended. As at the end of Part 1st, Rocky gets the kingdom of KGF. But even after meeting him, Rocky feels that he still has a lot left to achieve. He then faces a new challenge in the form of Adheera and Rocky leaves KGF to fight with Adheera.
When it seems that Rocky is winning the battle with Adheera, a great force emerges to support Rocky. It becomes a political matter in which the Prime Minister is directly involved. Is Reena (Srinidhi Shetty) involved in all this? How Rocky handles Reena, Adheera and the Prime Minister is the main story of this film. To know this, you will have to watch this film because we do not want your fun to be spoiled by the whole story told by us.


If we talk about Yash, Rocking Star Yash reprises his role in this movie very brilliantly with his rocking and swag attitude. His styling has been done very well with the suit and beard. If we talk about Yash’s acting, then hardly anyone can match him. His every emotion and stunt in the film is very well acted. There can be a big reason for watching this film that you can definitely watch this film to see the art of Yash.
Now if we talk about his co-star Srinidhi Shetty in the film. Srinidhi Shetty plays a supporting role in the film. There are some such turns in the end of the film where Srinidhi Shetty plays a big role.


Prashanth Neel who is the director of this film who gained fame all over the country with KGF Part One is back again with this masterpiece. KGF Chapter 2 is almost synonymous with Chapter One with its film body and story.
If we talk about KGF Chapter 1 to 2, then it is the story of Rocky from an ordinary man to a legend.
If the first part of this film is the story of Rocky becoming a big man from an ordinary person, then the second part of this film shows the story of Rocky from becoming a big man to a legend.
KGF 2 is about the rise of Rocky. In the film, Rocky follows many paths to move forward but Adheera throws him into a big challenge. From the beginning of the story, Adheera dominates Rocky.
If we talk about any shortcoming in KGF Chapter 2 film, then the biggest drawback of this film is ‘Emotions’. There is no emotional depth in this film by any means. Everything in this film is depicted only superficially. The relationships that have been attempted at some places are not considered correct at all. This film has a lot of action and a tremendous drama in itself, but when it comes to how you are able to connect with a film, then this film probably does not live up to it.

Along with this, when we are interested in the world of KGF, the events in the film are not that effective. A large part of the first half deals this way before Rocky strikes again.
You will not get to see anything new in the second half of this film. Only those things which start in the first half of the film are being taken forward. The political drama shown in the middle of this film does not fit according to us. But in the second half, this political drama becomes the mainstay of this film.

Before Rocky becomes a legend in this film, only one political force becomes his final obstacle. In order to create a bigger image of Rocky in the mind of the audience, the director has tried to show Rocky the best in many ways. But at some places, the film goes into the overdose zone.
KGF Chapter 2 is exactly like KGF Chapter One, if there is a slight change in it, then it comes after the entry of Adheera. If we talk about emotion, then the way the director had shown the wonderful combination of emotion in the first part of this film, it seems to be lost somewhere in part 2.
KGF Chapter 2 is an Action Drama movie. If you have seen KGF Part One, then you will definitely be able to see the shortcomings of this party. But if you have high hopes from KGF Chapter 2, then perhaps this film can be seen to disappoint you a bit.


Now let’s talk about what to do about KGF Chapter 2 whether to watch the film or not.
To see the acting of Rocking Star Yash, this film must be seen if you are fond of action movies, then only you can watch this film.
But if you go on thinking that this movie will thrill you as much or more than that of KGF Part One, maybe it is not so.
Inside Press India will give 3.0/5 rating to KGF Chapter 2. This is our rating based on Rocky and the action of the film.
And our VERDICT on this movie — Watch Only for Action
If you go to see the movie, then definitely come back and tell us how you liked this movie.


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