Pakistan Political Crisis — Explained / Why was Imran Khan removed from the post of Prime Minister in Pakistan??

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14 min readApr 12, 2022

क्या आप इसे हिंदी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं?? यहां क्लिक करें

Pakistan… Whenever we hear the name of this country, the first thing that comes to our mind is terrorism and its army and its intelligence agency ISI. But for some time now this country is in discussion due to its internal political turmoil which is not taking its name to stop.
This political dispute, which lasted for a long time, has now probably taken its final form. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan or rather, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has now been removed from the throne and Shahbaz Sharif is now going to take his place.
If the tenure of the Prime Ministers of Pakistan is seen, then there will be no Prime Minister or hardly any Prime Minister who has finished his entire 5 year term. When Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it was expected that perhaps Imran Khan would resign from the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan after completing his 5 years, but nothing like this happened and Imran Khan’s government has also fallen.
So what happened that Imran Khan was forced to leave his throne so soon and in the end he remembered India. During the days of his last prime ministership, he praised India many times and was criticized in Pakistan for this.

So let’s go into the depth of this issue and know what is the reason behind this political tomorrow in Pakistan.
If we talk from the beginning, the way elections were held in India in the year 2019, just a year before that, in 2018, Pakistan also had general elections. Talking about India, there are mainly two parties in India, Congress and BJP.

Similarly, in the 2018 elections of Pakistan, there were two main parties, the first is PMNL (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz) which is run by Nawaz Sharif’s brother Shahbaz Sharif and the second party is PPP ( Pakistan people’s party) which is run by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. But at that time apart from these two parties a third party was also in the fray by PTI (Pakistan TEHREEK-E-INSAF) and the name of this party means movement for justice and Imran Khan was leading this party.

Most of you will know Imran Khan, who was a famous Pakistani cricketer who also led Pakistan to victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup and this is the only World Cup that Pakistan has won so far.
If we talk about the Pakistani politics of the time of 2018, then Imran Khan had emerged as a new hope for the people of Pakistan because the two main parties of Pakistan that we have discussed on both of them had some kind of impact on them. There were charges of any kind of corruption or nepotism.
If we talk about Bilawal Bhutto of PPP, then this is the son of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto and former President Asif Ali Zardari and if we go further back then Benazir Bhutto himself was also the daughter of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Similarly, the image of the other party, PML, was that of the corrupt party in Pakistan at that time. Nawaz Sharif was removed from the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2017 by the Supreme Court of Pakistan because he was facing charges in the Panama Papers leak case at that time.

But not only this, more cases were already going on against them, they were also sentenced to 10 years in jail in July 2018 for corruption in their London flats, after that in January 2019, they were sentenced to 7 years in jail and 25 years. Million dollars fine was imposed on them because Nawaz Sharif could not prove how he had obtained the ownership of a steel mill in Saudi Arabia.

In the midst of such political instability, when Imran Khan stood for the post of Prime Minister and sought votes from the people, by bringing these issues to the fore that if I win, then there will be no corruption or nepotism in the country.
At that time, many people were looking at Imran Khan as a last hope in Pakistan, but on the other hand there were some critics too.
If we talk about Imran Khan, then he is an Oxford graduate and he has also played international cricket, he has had three love marriages, out of which his first marriage was to the daughter of a British billionaire.
Now knowing all this, you must be feeling that Imran Khan’s thinking must have been open to some extent or rather that he should have been an open minded person but if you are thinking like this then you are absolutely wrong.
In an interview, when Imran Khan was asked whether he supports the rights of Ahmadi Muslims, this time Imran Khan said that he does not consider Ahmadi Muslims to be Muslims.
If you do not know about Ahmadi Muslims, then let us tell you that this Muslim section is the one who mainly believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.
Apart from this, Imran Khan strongly supported the Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan in his election campaign. Article 295-C of Pakistan according to which those people who defame the prophet Muhammad should be given the death penalty.
Along with this, Imran Khan also resorted to Jingoistic Nationalism for his victory, which means showing hatred towards any other country, which will get more love in his country.
Some similar slogans were also used by Imran Khan’s party in Pakistan in 2018 like “Modi ka jo yaar hai gaddar hai”.
Even Imran Khan’s party even said that the global community and India are working together to make Nawaz Sharif win the election.
After all this, Imran Khan’s party became the number one party in Pakistan’s election in 2018 and got 155 seats in Pakistan. As we mentioned, due to corruption and nepotism, both the other parties were badly defeated.
Shahbaz Sharif’s party got 84 seats and in third place was Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s party PPP, which could get only 56 seats.
This complete math is very important for you to understand today’s situation. There are a total of 342 seats in the assembly of Pakistan and 72 seats are required for a majority.
Here you can see that even after becoming the number one party of Imran Khan, it could not cross this figure of 172.
After this Imran Khan formed an alliance with some small parties and independent leaders, with the help of which it reached 178 seats. By doing this, his government was formed, but it could only go a little far from the majority figure. As you can see that if they got only 6 seats more than the majority figure, then their government was formed but it could not be called a strong government.

Now let me tell you what is the current situation.

1 month ago on March 8, 2022, prominent leaders of the opposition party demanded in the Parliament of Pakistan that a No Confidence Vote or no-confidence motion vote should be held against Imran Khan. If we talk about, in the last few years most of the party of Pakistan has united and they have formed an alliance by the name of PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement), this alliance has no strict ideology and it has right wing and left wing all types of party. is included.
If we talk about this PDM, then it also includes secular parties like Balochistan National Party and National Party, on the other hand religious parties like Jamiat Ulema-E-Islam and Jamiat Ahle Hadith are also included. Many more types of parties are involved in this, this alliance started holding its rallies or meetings from today, about 1.5 years ago. He raised the issues of the public in his meetings and talked about the rights of the people of Pakistan, and asked to make laws on such things which the people of Pakistan feel till today.
Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz told people in her rallies that Imran Khan has snatched jobs from people, people are not even getting food for 2 days, similarly Bilawal Bhutto said that “Pakistan’s farmers are hungry”. And “The young generation of the country is very angry with Imran Khan”.
In this way, when these leaders campaigned, there was a huge crowd of people in these rallies, all of them together made problems like jobs, power cuts, inflation and business closure in Pakistan as their issue.
Now let’s talk about March 2021: At this time, the Finance Minister of Pakistan, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, announced the election for the Senate in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a Senate, which can be considered synonymous with the Rajya Sabha in India. But there is a lot of difference in the process in India and Pakistan, so when voting for this Senate takes place, it is done in the National Assembly of Pakistan.
And in these elections, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh of Pakistan, who was the Finance Minister, lost the election, but that too when Imran Khan himself had asked for votes for him.
And in these elections, Yusuf Raja Gilani of PDM got victory, who has also been the former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

It was the first major setback for Imran Khan’s government that only the finance minister of his government had lost the election. Regarding this, the opposition raised its voice there that Imran Khan should now resign.
Seeing this happening, Imran Khan made a voluntary vote of confidence in the Parliament of Pakistan, that is, if you tell me in simple words, Imran Khan said in the Parliament that all of you vote and see whether my government can still remain or fall. She goes.
Just like in India where the MP goes to the members of parliament, similarly in Pakistan they are called members of national assembly (MNA). This was only the second time in the history of Pakistan that a Prime Minister had himself got a vote of no confidence in the National Assembly.
When this voting took place, Imran Khan again proved his majority with 178 seats, this proved that all the MNA’s with which Imran Khan formed the government were still with Imran Khan.

But after just one year of this, that is, if we talk about the present, then this time there is no opposition in Pakistan to demand a vote of no confidence or simply to vote on the no-confidence motion. He made this demand on 1 March 2022.
After this, on 10 March 2022, the Islamabad police raided the Parliament Lodges, in which the opposition leaders were dragged away and they were arrested by the police.

The opposition started raising its voice against the government regarding this whole issue. A Pakistani leader said it was necessary for the government to do this as opposition leaders were bringing the crowd inside Parliament, adding that the JUI-F had brought in around 70 people.
In the midst of all this, Pakistan’s army, which has a great dominance, in the government of Pakistan, they gave a message to be neutral on all this. Imran Khan was very angry with the statement of this army and he even said that only animals remain neutral. This happening was also a setback for Imran Khan in Pakistan because it was believed that Imran Khan was again living in power in Pakistan with the support of ISI and the army there.
After this, Imran Khan got another setback on 18 March 2022 when his own party members started raising their voice against him.
Raja Riyaz, an MNA of PTI, told Pakistan News TV channel Geo News that about 24 members of Imran Khan’s party PTI have agreed to leave their party, it clearly meant that without their support, now Imran Khan’s government will fall. He also told that most of these leaders are currently sitting in Sindh House of Pakistan.

Raja Riyaz said that he is very angry with his Prime Minister because there was a shortage in gas supply in his own area, about which he talked to Imran Khan but even after that Imran Khan did nothing.
Hearing all this, Imran Khan said in response that “This is the Sindh House where all these leaders are staying, it has become a center of horse trading”.
When other workers of Imran Khan’s party came to know about this, they reached Sindh House in a crowd and started raising slogans in support of Imran Khan and told the leaders sitting there that all of you have been sold and along with it all this. There by lengthening the walls, they entered inside.
The next day, on March 19, 2022, Imran Khan said that he has spoken to all the rebel leaders of his party and has agreed to return to his party.
On 20 March 2022, Imran Khan asked the rebel leaders to return to his party. But on 22 March 2022, the rebel leaders turned down the offer to return to Imran Khan’s party and receive an apology.
And not only rejected, but a rebel leader Dr. Ramesh Kumar said that the number of rebel leaders, which was 24 earlier, has now been filled up to 35. Ramesh Kumar said that atrocities against minorities are increasing continuously in Pakistan.
After this, these rebel leaders were issued Show-Cause Notices by Imran Khan’s party.
According to Article 63 (A) of the Constitution of Pakistan, it is not so easy for the MNA of one party to join another party, a lot of restrictions have been imposed on it. But in response, the rebel leaders said that they have not left Imran Khan’s party yet and they are still members of PTI.
By this time, the problem for Imran Khan had become that even if he himself removed all these rebel leaders from the party or even disqualified, he would not reach the majority figure.
After this the problem became more serious on 23 March 2022, till now the leaders of Imran Khan’s own party had come down on the rebellion but now the parties with whom Imran Khan formed the coalition government also came on the revolt.

The three coalition parties spoke of not supporting Imran Khan’s government. The first party was Pakistan Muslim League, the second party was Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan and the third party was Balochistan Awami Party and these three parties together had 17 seats.
After this Imran Khan tried to persuade these coalition parties to save his government.

On 28 March 2022, the leader of the PML-Q party was given the chair of the Chief Minister of the Punjab state of Pakistan. Imran Khan was successful in persuading a party in this way.
Similarly, another party MQM-P was offered the Ministry of Port and Shipping, but on 30 March this party made an agreement with its opposition party.
In response, Imran Khan said that he will fight till the last ball to save his government.
After this Imran Khan resorted to lies to save his government and said that some foreign powers want to topple his government. Imran Khan said that because he had recently gone to Russia, so America is upset about this and that is why America is plotting to topple my government.

After all this, there was to be a no confidence vote in the Assembly of Pakistan on 3 April 2022 and on this day Imran Khan himself was absent from the National Assembly.
After this, Pakistan’s Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri refused to do no confidence voting, stating the hand of foreign forces behind this political instability. He cited Article 5 of the Constitution of Pakistan behind all this and said that the no-confidence motion is illegal here because foreign powers also have a hand here.
And so far no proof was found that whether any foreign power is behind all this or not.
After all this, Imran Khan advised the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, to dissolve the entire assembly and conduct elections again, and his President did the same.
Listening to the story so far, you must have felt that now there must have been a happy ending for Imran Khan in Pakistan and he would have saved his government.
But seeing all this happening, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan UMAR ATA BANDIAL took SUO MOTO cognizance of this incident,

Which means that he himself raised this issue in the Supreme Court.
Here the Supreme Court of Pakistan should be praised because the Supreme Court of Pakistan, showing the independence of the judicial system, on 7 April 2022, the 5 judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that ‘what Imran Khan’s government has done in Pakistan is unconstitutional’. And in this way the no-confidence motion cannot be rejected’
and at the same time the Supreme Court declared the elections which were being held there as NULL and Void.
And at the same time, the Supreme Court there upheld and allowed the demand of the opposing parties i.e. no-confidence motion.
And then comes 9th April 2022, the day there was no confidence vote in Pakistan and as it was certain Imran Khan’s government lost the vote on the no-confidence motion. There was a majority figure of 172 and the opposition party got 174 votes there.
With this, Imran Khan became the first Prime Minister of Pakistan to be removed through a no-confidence vote.
If we talk deeply on this issue, then the no-confidence motion is the only way to remove the Prime Minister from his post in any country. And as Imran Khan’s government has been brought down in Pakistan, if it is seen, then all this is good for the people there. The example of judicial independence set by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the way the army is not interfering in this matter and the Prime Minister has been removed constitutionally.
It is certainly that Imran Khan’s chair in Pakistan has been snatched from him now but the next election or next elections in Pakistan is not far away.
Imran Khan wanted that the assembly should be dissolved now and elections should be held again, that is, somewhere he feels that the people of Pakistan are still with him. If Imran Khan’s thinking is right, then soon there will be elections again in Pakistan and if the people of Pakistan really like him then he should win the next elections.

Here we want to present you a very good example of India’s great man and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, who lost the no-confidence motion by just 1 vote in the year 1999. His government fell by just 1 vote. But he did not cite any foreign forces or any other reason behind this and accepted it very easily, and resigned from the post of Prime Minister. After a few months, when elections were held in India, he came to power by winning again.
That is why we believe that Imran Khan should accept this no-confidence motion and give some importance to the Constitution of Pakistan.

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