Video of Rahul Gandhi seen partying in Nepal’s nightclub goes viral, read the whole truth here

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3 min readMay 5, 2022

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been on the target of BJP for some time. Recently, a video went viral on social media in which Rahul Gandhi was seen partying in a nightclub in Nepal. Due to which BJP started criticizing him and seeing this became a big issue.

क्या आप इसे हिंदी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं यहां क्लिक करें

Many people tweeted a lot on this, India’s Law Minister Kiren Rijiju also tweeted “Parties, holidays, pleasure trips or private foreign trips are nothing new for this country now, no problem if a citizen does this but when an MP And the leader of the political party does so…..”

Similarly, BJP spokesperson Shahzad Jaihind tweeted that “Rajasthan is burning but Baba is partying. The party (Congress) will end but the party will run like this. This party will go on like this. party time leader

These leaders reacted after Rahul’s video went viral

Randeep Surjewala said in the press conference, “When I checked this morning, the law of this country was that you can freely attend the wedding ceremony of your close relatives, relatives and friends. Rahul Gandhi has gone to a friendly country Nepal to attend a private function. Till today it has not become a crime in this country to sit with friends or participate in a function, maybe from tomorrow it may become a crime to become a householder or take part in a marriage ceremony because it is not liked by the RSS. So you guys will definitely tell by tweeting so that we can change our status in that way.

In the twist made by people on social media, there were many people who called the uproar over Rahul Gandhi’s appearance in the party as meaningless and said that this thing has nothing to do with the country.

What did the newspapers of Nepal write on this visit of Rahul Gandhi

If we talk about how Nepal’s media appeared to take its stand on this issue, then Nepal’s website Kathmandu Post has reported on Rahul Gandhi’s visit. This news has been printed before the uproar by BJP on the video of Rahul Gandhi.

According to the news published on May 2, Rahul Gandhi has come to Nepal to attend his friend’s wedding. Rahul Gandhi has stayed with his friends at Marriott Hotel in Kathmandu. Rahul Gandhi has reached Nepal on Monday itself at 4:00 pm. The website writes quoting sources — Rahul Gandhi has come to Nepal with 3 people.
The website has written in the news that the name of Rahul Gandhi’s friend is Sumanima Udas, she is a former correspondent of CNN and Neema is marrying Martin Sherpa.

Yes, the wedding is taking place on Tuesday and the reception will take place on May 5. The newspaper also wrote that many more Indian VVIPs may reach Nepal to attend the wedding.

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal

Foreign Ministry spokesman Sewa Lamsal told the BBC that “Why Rahul Gandhi’s visit was not formal, so we have no information about this visit.” Rahul Gandhi is not in the government yet, so it is not necessary to inform those countries before traveling abroad.

Nepal’s police also has no information related to Rahul Gandhi’s visit. Senior Nepal Police officer KC says that “except that Rahul Gandhi has come to Nepal on a personal visit and we have no information”
according to Nepalese officials. Rahul Gandhi has no plans to meet any politician or government official.

But this issue became another reason for the conflict between Congress and BJP in India, on which the photos and videos started going viral and people also gave their reactions.
Today, Inside Press India has written this article in front of you so that we can convey this message to our people and political parties that what any person does in his personal life, it should not be a political issue nor all these things. Must be posted by any political party on its social media. If the leaders of the country and the media work together to solve the bigger issues of the country, then perhaps we can build a better India for the future generations.